NoRoFoHamilton: Struggle Continues After Adverse Zoning Board Vote

Despite vocal and organized community opposition, the Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeal voted 4-1 on October 20 to approve a Royal Farms store and gas station proposed at a Harford Road intersection near a school and library in Hamilton. In an email after this vote, NLG Chapter Member and NoRoFoHamilton activist said this:

Thank you NoRoFoHamilton community for a passionate opposition to Royal Farms Gas Station, Royal Farms Lawyers, Royal Farms consultants and so called experts. We are planning a Community Meeting for neighbors to decide where we go from here. There were many appealable issues, i.e., fundamental fairness, lack of notice, and ex parte communication regarding the September 19, 2015 Planning Department Memo. Stay tuned.

For more information on the vote and its political context, see this Baltimore Brew article.

For more on NoRoFoHamilton, click here.

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