BALT Event August 30: The DOJ Report and How to Demand Police Reform

The Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT) just announced an important event about the Department of Justice’s recent Report of its Investigation of the Baltimore City Police Department.  BALT’s event will start at 6:30pm at the CA Gallery, 440 E. Oliver Street, which is less than a mile away from Red Emma’s.

Here are details about the BALT event:

Baltimore Action Legal Team- Lawyer Up Series 

“The DOJ Report and How to Demand Police Reform”

Tuesday, August 30 at 6:30pm at the CA Gallery, 440 E Oliver Street

Come together with the Baltimore community to discuss what changes we want the DOJ to demand of the Baltimore Police Department.


The recent DOJ report confirmed what the people of Baltimore have known for a long time- change is needed in the Police Department. When the DOJ makes such a finding, the next step could be one of two things. Either the Police Department agrees to make needed changes, or the Police Department refuses and the DOJ takes the Police Department to court to have the court order the needed changes. The Baltimore Police Department has agreed to make changes without being taken to court.


The DOJ will be negotiating an agreement – called a consent decree – with the Police Department. The DOJ has asked the people of Baltimore to tell them what changes we want from BPD. On Aug. 30th we will come together to make a list of demands to give to the DOJ.


We will have folks familiar with other consent decrees on hand to answer and talk about what has worked, and not worked, elsewhere. Most importantly, we will collect suggestions from you and take them to the DOJ. We need Baltimore based solutions and creative ideas from our community. For that, we need you!

We will be joined by:

Ray C. Kelly – Co-Director, No Boundaries Coalition of Central West Baltimore

Carlton T. Mayers, II – Policing Reform Policy Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

Sunita Patel – Practitioner in Residence, Civil Advocacy Clinic, American University Washington College of Law

David Rocah – Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU of Maryland

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