Next Chapter Meeting – April 4 at 5pm

After missing a meeting because of snow, we have scheduled our next chapter meeting for early April! Note that this time we are meeting at UM Law School rather than UB (where we’ve met the last few times). Here is the official meeting announcement from Curtis Cooper.

Our next NLG meeting is scheduled for 5:00 pm on Tuesday, April 4, in room 310 of the University of Maryland school of law, 500 W. Baltimore Street. When you enter the law school building from Baltimore, you  typically must show some identification to get a guest sticker at the front desk. Guests can either use the elevator on the left side of the front lobby to get to the 3rd floor, or make a left as soon as you enter the building and use the stairs.

If you have any agenda items, please send them to me (Curtis Cooper).  One topic for discussion is the open co-coordinator position, which was created at the recommendation of an ad hoc structure committee and adopted at our last meeting in February.  This position is for a newer NLG member.  Please come to the meeting on April 4 if you are interested.

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