Legal Observer Training and Discussion – Saturday, February 1, 2020, at UoB Law School

Please come out for a brief legal observer training and discussion hosted by the Maryland chapter of the National Lawyers Guild! The training will be Saturday, February 1st, from 1pm-3pm at UB Law in Room 403.  Pizza and soda will be provided.  If you will be attending please register through the following link:

Following the roughly one hour classroom training, you will be ready to legal observe at rallies, marches, and direction actions throughout Maryland through the Maryland National Lawyers Guild! Anyone is welcome to attend and you do not need to be a law student or lawyer. In fact, we encourage folks who don’t have a legal background to attend so we can spread this knowledge far and wide! We want as many people to have and be able to share these skills as possible, so you also don’t have to commit to observing at a minimum number of events.After the training, please stay for a brief discussion of people’s experiences and tips on legal observing from their time “in the field”, what you envision the role of the state NLG chapter being going forward, and how we can build long term connections with other protest support workers and organizations in Maryland.

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