Just Transition Lawyering Institute- Apply by September 26, 2021


The climate crisis is happening right now. It is not an isolated crisis, but an outcome of a globalized economic system based on extraction from and exploitation of marginalized communities and the planet. Black, Indigenous, and low-income communities of color bear the brunt of climate crisis events, with negative impacts exacerbated by underinvestment and systemic racism. 
At the same time, many of these same communities are leading the charge with community-driven and systems change solutions that are ushering in just transitions. Lawyers play integral roles in walking alongside the communities on the frontlines of these transformations. 
This moment asks lawyers to find new ways to approach our cases, build partnerships, and imagine strategies.
A national team of lawyers, community organizers, academics, and advocacy allies in partnership with Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy; Journal of Law and Political Economy; NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program; UCI Law Center on Law, Equality and Race; UCI Community Resilience Projects; and Vermont Law School Environmental Justice Clinic invite you to apply to attend the Just Transition Lawyering Institute. 

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