NLG International Weekend Feb 19-21

The National Lawyers Guild will convene its International Weekend this year in Washington, DC! The International Weekend is an opportunity to learn about the Guild’s international work around the world – from Latin America to Palestine to Turkey to Egypt to the Philippines and more – and domestically, where the Guild’s International Committee and affiliated… More NLG International Weekend Feb 19-21

Lawyer Up: Race and Jury System Event Feb. 23

Please join the Baltimore Action Legal Team on Tuesday Feb. 23 at 6:30 pm for its latest “Lawyer Up” free event. This panel features members of Baltimore Racial Justice Action (BRJA), Baltimore trial lawyer Josh Insley, and community member Michael Ross, who will overview the jury system including differences between a jury trial and trial by a judge, structural racism shaping jury pools, implicit racial… More Lawyer Up: Race and Jury System Event Feb. 23

BALT Statement on Porter Mistrial

A Busted System Will Always Render Broken Results Baltimore Action Legal Team Statement on What Justice for Freddie Gray Requires Baltimore Action Legal Team December 18, 2015 CONTACT –; 443-814-9160 Baltimore, MD – As our entire city is aware, Judge Williams declared a mistrial in the matter of the State of Maryland v. William… More BALT Statement on Porter Mistrial

BALT + LBS Event: Officer Porter Trial, What Happened?

The Baltimore Action Legal Team and Leaders for a Beautiful Struggle are hosting a community event to discuss the William Porter trial (the first police officer prosecuted in connection with Freddie Gray’s death). The event is Wednesday 12/16 from 6:30-8pm at the Real News Network building (231 Holliday Street/Baltimore MD 21202). For more information, see… More BALT + LBS Event: Officer Porter Trial, What Happened?

Join Us for our Holiday Happy Hour – 12/16 5-7pm!

The Maryland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild invites lawyers, law students and legal workers to join us for the second annual holiday happy hour (times two) to be held on Wednesday, December 16, 2014 from 5 to 7 P.M. at Earth, Wood, & Fire, 1407 Clarkview Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21209, 410-825-3473.  The restaurant is… More Join Us for our Holiday Happy Hour – 12/16 5-7pm!

Towson Students Stage Successful Sit In!

After hours of negotiations following a sit-in, a group of student activists at Towson University have successfully moved the administration to sign an agreement to further racial equity on campus. “It’s all love, but it’s radical love,” student activist Bilphena Yahwon said. The NLG Maryland stands in solidarity with the activists and welcomes the good-faith… More Towson Students Stage Successful Sit In!