About the NLG

The National Lawyers Guild (“the Guild” or “NLG”) was founded in 1937 as an association of progressive lawyers and jurists. From its inception, Guild members advocated legal values that emphasized human rights over property rights. The Guild was thus the nation’s first integrated bar association and it continues to link like-minded legal advocates in an extensive network of public interest and human rights activists. As an organization, the NLG  is committed to changing in the structure of our political and economic system in order to challenge inequality, racism, and discrimination in all its forms. For more on the NLG’s history, especially including its support of People’s movements from the 1930s until the present, please click here.

The Maryland Chapter takes on the work of the national NLG  at the local level. Our chapter is small yet active. We seek new members who share our commitment to fight discrimination, economic oppression, and injustice. Collectively, we in Maryland can be a persuasive vehicle for social change: Not just help the impoverished, the disadvantaged and victims of systemic discrimination, but to change the very system that oppresses them in the first place. Click here to see the plan which the Maryland Chapter adopted in 2017 to govern our basic structure.

Contact Us!

Chapter Co-Coordinators: Curtis Cooper email and David Prater email

Mass Defense Liaison: Colin Starger email


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