Legal Observing


The Maryland National Lawyers Guild’s next legal observer training will be held remotely on June 4, 2020 at 6 pm. This training will last 1.5 hours. We are asking for participants to commit to the entire duration because some of our actions will be high-risk so we have a lot of information to share regarding making sure you are protected, as well as a basic medic training from a trusted comrade.
To sign up for the training, you should fill out the legal observer application located here
The information provided in the form will require you to disclose whether you are affiliated with a law enforcement or prosecutorial agency.  Because our job as legal observers is to protect activists on the ground from police activity, we may be called on to serve as witnesses.  For that reason, we need to be able to identify conflicts upfront.  Once reviewed the applications for training, we will send out a copy of our Confidentiality Agreement, and information on how to access the remote training to only those who have signed up and have been properly vetted.
The full URL for the legal observer application is .


Requests for legal observers and demonstration support can be made to the Maryland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild by voice or text to (443) 842-4170. Please leave a short message that includes the following:
-The name of the organization or individuals hosting the event or action
-A brief description of the event or action
-The projected number of participants in the event or action
-the location of the event or action
-Contact information for the individual making the request

Our Mass Defense Coordinator will respond to all requests for Legal Observers within 48 hours or less. If possible, please submit your request for legal observers at least one week before the action (and earlier than 1 one week would be much appreciated.) All information shared on this line will remain confidential to the fullest extent allowed under the law.



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